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Case study: Ten City NatIon

Using Sound and Vision Pr's extensive contacts book both online, offline and on radio (and Seymour's hard work posting out his album). We attempted to to gain reviews, features, airplay, interviews and coverage for Bury St. Edmunds rock band Ten City Nation and their second album At The Still Point.

Ten City Nation's second album 'At the still Point' came out on the 3rd of August last year. You can download/buy the album here:

Campaign: An album review appeared in the NME, and the band were played on XFM, BBC six music, Propaganda radio and Resonance. They also scored two features in Rock sound, a review in Artrocker and great interviews on The Line of Best Fit, Subba-cultcha and the devil has the best tuna.

Here's a few highlights and the updated Ten City Nation PR campaign.
“Listen closely and you’ll notice the intricacies, layers and attention to detail.  TCN understand that subtlety can be a powerful tool, and that makes them a very exciting prospect indeed.” – Rock Sound

“The best use of fuzz pedal we’ve heard this year… the kind of music that’s in search of beauty (7/10)” – NME
"Ten City Nation are exciting and brave enough to crank out an album of bruising, energetic noise. Over a decade after Idlewild broke through, it appears they've finally got some serious competition."BBC MUSIC

"This is a brilliant album... Ten City Nation propels itself with an eclectic relentlessness. (Album of the Week)” – Treblezine

 Ten City Nation are an uncommonly naturalistic and gritty band in this day and age and freeness or no freeness, are well worth a listen.

Ten City Nations album “At the Still Point” is one of those albums you will find yourself playing constantly, and if you’re like me there will be some uncontrollable foot tapping going on too. This album has many addictive tracks such as 'Room 10101', 'Black Tie White Soul' and 'Snakebite Blues' which are my 3 favourites.

Ten City Nation

One of England’s best hidden gems, the underrated Ten City Nation, chat to us about the past, present and future.

Brash, noisy, spiky rockers Ten City Nation took time out from ripping the UK apart to give the Devil an insight into what they'd do if they were in charge of the world, a little education on the significance of the number ten and their favourite bands on the scene this year.

This year we began work on making people aware of the new Ten City Nation dates and their forthcoming single 'Hidden Shallows/ The Air is On Fire' its gone exceedingly well so far! They've secured a BBC introducing session, numerous reviews and good coverage accross the net.

Ten City Nation- Hidden Shallows (video)

Ten City Nation - Magnetic West - BBC Introducing Session

Occasionally you wake up in the morning with an incredible song in your head and wonder “What happened to that band?”.  Miss Black America were one of those bands; despite a relatively small following they were cherished by those under their spell. Winning the heart of legendary DJ John Peel and making multiple dents in his 2002 festive-fifty with ‘Talk Hard’ making it to the #3 position.

Far from disappearing off the face of the planet they are playing together as the amazing Ten City Nation. We caught up with guitarist (and occasional vocalist) Seymour Patrick to find out more.

Ten City Nation crafting a sound thats both intriguing and satisfying, taut angular indie rock thats custom built for repeat plays and suggests a band capable of lasting the distance.

these songs demonstrate Ten City Nation's potential to grow into one of the best rock bands out there. For fans of Reuben and Dinosaur Pile-Up.

I know this a ‘double-A-side’ release, and that one track must obviously precede the other, but personally I would have had ‘The Air Is On Fire’ as the lead. This one I think has the variation and attitude that is missing from ‘Hidden Shallows.’ If I were to suggest that it reminds me of early U2, it’s meant as a big compliment.

solid post-hardcore power trio, kind of like various Yankee bands who played that kind of music. Jawbox? Traindodge? That kind of thing, I haven't listened to that sort of music in a long time so I could perhaps be barking up the wrong tree. This is certainly more polished than those bands, but pulls in some nice elements from the style. I like the punchy guitars and strong vocals

The distinctive style of 'Hidden Shallows' mixes the passion of Biffy Clyro with the quirkiness of The Automatic, whilst being continually cloaked with Nirvana's grungines

TEN CITY NATION "Hidden Shallows" (R*E*P*E*A*T Records)
RELEASED? 20th September
SOUNDS LIKE? Not beige. Driven by hope and rage. Not beige. No truck with cool, no fear. Not beige. Not class consciousness, just classy. Not beige
IS IT ANY GOOD? Only two tracks, but they kick, writhe and bite a swathe through punk, pop, garage and  trouble-gum as easily as they pick, pick apart, redefine and discard shoegaze. Put it this way, Ten City Nation are a rock band whereas U2 are tax dodgers with a pr team.

Progress: All in all Ten City Nation's albums have now been downloaded over 100,000 times.

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