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Case Study: Ideals- Significant Other- single campaign

We've worked hard on Ideals  single campaign over the last few months. Here are some of the results we achived with the help of Intruder records.

Steve Lamacq played Significant Other on his SIxmusic show on the 07/03/1980


It's interview week on the Devil's blog and what better way to start than with a band that will be one of 2011's bands to watch of the blogosphere cognoscenti. Lead singer and guitarist Andrew Major took time off from preparing for super-stardom to tell the Devil about his favourite artists, his regretful fling with the music (sic) of Limp Bizkit and the little white lies he once told about shoe sizes!


 Ideals "Musically it’s big, dark and melodramatic with a rich, polished production. Imagine the National fronted by The Editors Tom Smith and you’d be pretty close. This is a great track and apparently the first of six singles to be released this year - I can’t wait for the next!"

The melancholy remains, the sweet melodies permeate the surface but the whole sound comes down over you like an almighty waterfall. IDEALS are exhilarating. 2011 is set to be a busy year. Having already played with Pete Doherty and The Automatic, this coming year is all about the road. More singles will follow and with each release more karaoke pub singers and Madonna wannabe's will be washed away by the cascading IDEALS waterfall.

After just one spin of the dark moody indie rock of Significant Other has me hooked on the Ideals tense yet infectious sound, the dark brooding croon of frontman Andrew Major had me scrambling for the repeat button over and over again, leaving me smitten with the contagious chorus, serrated riffs and pulsating rhythm section.

Significant Other is slightly unsettling, yet it's also addictive and thrilling, it's both edgy and compelling leaving the listener drained yet still begging for more.

Ideals are their way up, they've already been courted by Pete Doherty and The Automatic for gigs, Ideals are going to be the must hear indie band of the year. I suggest you check them out now before they hit the stadiums.

“…If you hear a little voice in the back of your head that’s me and I’ll be screaming…” Andrew, Ideals’ frontman warns, displaying all the sentimental and melancholic tones he can muster. There’s a curse when it comes to imitating the sounds of Joy Division, White Lies or Interpol, on one hand, you’ll be skyrocketed to success faster than Kerry Katona in an Iceland chicken aisle, on the other, you’ll be labelled as dreary and more depressing than anything Nick Clegg may be proposing. Unlike the latter, Ideals seem to have got something right.

‘Significant Other’ is more Robinson’s Concentrated than Tropicana Freshly Squeezed but that’s not a bad thing. There’s disappointment (“if you’re falling down the street in your see-through dress”), love (“I’m your significant other”) and determination (I’ve got spirit and it feels all the same)- like a Tesco sale, Ideals seem to cover many things. 

London upstarts Ideals release their new single ‘Significant Other’ this month. Steering a careful course between the twin urges of suffocating introspection and empty catchiness without ever verging too far in either direction, it’s a fine introduction to a promising new band.
Despite the usual doom mongers declaring the death of music at every turn, there are actually loads of great bands around that genuinely excite us here at The Beat Surrender. A perfect example for you are Ideals a terrific band who have delivered a great video to accompany their brand new single Significant Others.

The music is, for this track at least, top end U2 brood, jangle n buzz and the lyrics clear the 'boy loses girl' bar with ease.

They have slowly became a favourite with me and they still haven't peaked, they play a brilliant live show and this song is always a highlight. This song is not so much a long way off their debut song, as that too was a superb track. Through the two gifted guitarists to the pulsating rhythm of Simon Wilson’s bass and Ben Ward on the drums they give a stirring and vibrant sound that you want to hear more of.

On the first listen to the new single by London-based band Ideals, you can’t escape a nagging feeling that it’s all been done before. Twin rhythm guitar attack? Yup. Monotone singing style? Check. Melodramatic lyricism? Ho hum. And yet – there is something here that seems to work, and even to mature, when revisited. It’s easy to criticise seemingly formulaic music in the continual search for authenticity. And yet, sometimes, a band following a tried-and-tested recipe can just work, adding up to a force that’s significantly greater than the sum of its parts.

Fancy a musical treat? Well London based Ideals have just that for you with their new single ‘Significant Other’. This follow up to their acclaimed Forever Leisure EP sees them taking their sound further forward with a release that pulls you in and then carries you along on the wave of a pulsating chorus that stays with you long after the song ends.They stand heads above most on this offering and will surely elevate to higher status sooner than later.

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of clinging on to the ashes of a lost significant will appreciate the angst-ridden heartbreak pounding from the depths of lead singer Andrew Majors. The vocals are powerful and distinctive and draw parallels to that of Editors Tom Smith. The closing repetition of ‘I’m the last one left to change’ feels more like a personal self realisation than a public confession.

Who wants to listen to a bleeding heart ? Ideals however do it reasonably well, although in the originality stakes they try and sneak in distant shades of The Strokes and Interpol,

it’s the slower pace of Significant Other that serves to draw out the finer details of Ideals’ talent. Andrew’s vocals lend the track a powerful atmospheric sound and shows a depth of versatility from the front man. Add to this the excellent guitar riffs that evolve fluidly after every chorus and you have another great single from a wonderfully diverse indie band that stays fresh from start to finish.

Ideals discovered nothing new retracing ways walked by other bands like the Killers or the Bravery, but they walk this way well. In fact to create a good scene, music needs more example of the same genre, revisited in different personal ways, and Ideals belong to a “dark-indie” (forgive me for this awful label) scene with a great sense of melancholic lyrics, monotone singing style and rock pace, I want to underline that because they can appear like a band of depressed boys and this is not the case, they are under the spell of energetic drums and industrious guitars dressed with a veil of melodrama.

Major's vocals are warm and welcoming and his lyrics offer depth to this age old problem. It's an interesting track that will be welcomed by Ideals's fans.

Significant Other plays one song of alternative rock, taking some influence from post punk bands that managed to do something new with pop music.


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