Thursday, 16 November 2017

Niterooms release their self-titled debut EP on the 20th of November through all major streaming outlets.

Niterooms are wrapped up in computers and introspection. Their musical landscapes blur the lines between electronica, grime, r'n'b, hip hop, ambient and alternative music, imbuing their personal songwriting with a boundary-pushing, intriguing sound that shifts contemporary music into different places.

The four tracks on Niterooms self-titled debut EP are an unmissable depiction of a swiftly emerging outfit already gathering strong praise, "...they're genuinely trying to do something different without it being a challenge ... it exists somehow, somewhere between grime, dream pop and ambient electronic music..." Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales.

'Headway' the EPs new single, is laced with a deep groove, synth textures and percussive ticks, that vividly demonstrates their mysterious production style. It comes replete with a shape-shifting vocal delivery that tumbles between vocoder and rap, watch the Ed Townend directed video here.

Niterooms are a young three-piece from Brithdir, a small forgotten mining town in South Wales. They are supported by the Forté Project, a new music development project which supports ten young acts from around the region. Their debut EP is the follow up to 'Wash' , their exhilarating minimalist pop debut from earlier this year.

Niterooms debut EP, will be available through Spotify/AppleMusic/iTunes on the 20th of November. Niterooms Facebook Niterooms Twitter Niterooms Instagram

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