Thursday, 5 May 2011

Current campaigns: Galleries, Dead Boy Robotics, The Machine Room & Ideals

Hi just an update on the acts I'm currently pushing in terms of new releases.
Galleries, Dead Boy Robotics, The Machine Room & Ideals. We have even more in the pipeline more info

Band: Galleries
Label: White
Genre: Indie
Release date: 11th of May

Glasgow four piece Galleries release their new single 'Darkness Coming' on the 11th of May. Launching it with a single launch at Glasgow's Captain’s Rest, alongside other fine bands We See Lights + Letters.

In April, Galleries recorded a set of songs that depict their progression as an act. The first fruits of those sessions arrive in the shape of new single 'Darkness Coming' is both epic and affecting and perhaps Galleries most immediate cut yet.

'Darkness Coming's addictive sound instantly envelops you in it's cinematic wall of noise: of a throbbing rhythm section, guitar licks and hollered backing vocals that shoot across the skies, while at its core the heart stopping, soaring notes of lead singer David McAdam gaze with awe at the stars.

Galleries prepared their debut EP over the course of 2010; refining their sound and live performance before unveiling it to the world. 'Galleries EP' was released as a free download to the public in January 2010, it was followed up by the single Rocket Science.

Galleries have had radio play from BBC Radio 1 Scotland and also performed live on the station, while influential Scottish blogger The Pop Cop was amongst those in the Scottish scene who pinpointed the band as ones to watch enthusing that "Galleries stand head and shoulders above their peers in Glasgow's crowded guitar-band scene."

Galleries recent activities include series of well-received performances at festivals such as Wickerman, and writing their debut album, which is due to, be recorded throughout 2011.

Glasgow four piece Galleries release their new single 'Darkness Coming' on the 11th of May. Launching it with a single launch at Glasgow's Captain’s Rest, alongside other fine bands We See Lights + Letters.

Galleries consists of David McAdam- vocalist, guitarist, laptop and song writer, Paul Campsie- guitarist, Adam Hall – Bassist and Andrew Black- Drummer.

Band: Dead Boy Robotics/The Machine Room
Label: Tape
Genre: Indie/Electro
Release date: 23rd of May

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TAPE is a boutique recording studio & dedicated mixing suite bang in the centre of Edinburgh. It is home to a lovingly curated collection of modern, vintage and bespoke equipment. TAPE are extremely passionate about the artists they work with, so to coincide with the launch of their brand new 2011 studio they present: TAPE SINGLES CLUB!

TAPE SINGLES CLUB is a showcase for those artists that have come to Tape, stolen THEIR hearts and deserve to be heard. Tape commits them to history as a piece of vinyl and splits it equally between 2 bands 3 times a year. The first of Tape’s exclusive split-singles comes from two wonderful Edinburgh bands, namely Dead Boy Robotics and The Machine Room. The launch date for “Ever/Girly” on limited edition 7” vinyl / Digital Download is the May of 23rd. Four Scottish Tour dates are planned around the launch to promote the single release.

Dead Boy Robotics, a group praised for their dark synth powered music and engaging live show, mixed their acclaimed debut EP ‘Tale of the Winter Kids’ with Tape in early 2010. Dead Boy Robotics soon to be released debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered with the studio team. “Ever” from the album, is released as a split 7” vinyl with Edinburgh band The Machine Room in May as part of Tape Singles Club.

The Machine Room, are new to the Edinburgh music scene but are destined for big things. A recently recorded E.P at Tape caught their attention, which is set for release later this year. They have been dazzling audiences with their lush Polysix tones, dream like guitars and honest falsetto lyrics, they are ethereal, vulnerable and strikingly Pop all at once. Tape certainly has high hopes for this fledgling act. ‘Girly’, the band’s first release is out May 23rd as part of TAPE singles club.



Studio: Tom
PR: Bill Cummings

ARTIST: Ideals
TRACK TITLE: Significant Other.
LABEL: Intruder Records
FORMAT: Limited Edition CD & Digital Download

London based four piece Ideals new single ‘Reflections’ is FREE to download now, until its official release on 4th July 2011 when it hits the global digital retailers.

IDEALS sound is sharp, melodic and cinematic, honed through the bands continuous touring across the UK. IDEALS new single ‘Reflections’ broods with an epic majesty the pressure building to shattering crescendos, its throbbing baselines and shifting menacing rhythms are laid bare as you swerve away from your old life down moonlit motorways. While intriguing front man Andew Major sketches out a vivid narrative of brutal self-reflection:   

“Reflections is leaving a part of yourself behind you, casting it away on the side of the road. But inevitably that part of you will always be there inside somewhere and gets brought out at the worst times. ”Notes Major, revealing the inspiration behind the track “I just thought it was strange how you as a person are meant to treat the people closest to you (loved ones, family, friends etc) with the most amount of compassion and love but somewhere along a very long line you begin to let out a part of you that you didn’t know existed”

IDEALS were born in Ipswich but formed in London in early 2010 and quickly penned a deal with ambitious London label Intruder Records. By the end of the year they had released 4 singles, Lungs, Love Song, Forever Leisure & Don't Tell Anyone. Over each release they developed their epic, unstoppable sound that filled discos and shattered hearts across the country.  The melancholy remains, but the sweet melodies permeate the surface but the whole sound comes down over you like an almighty waterfall. IDEALS are exhilarating. 2011 is set to be a busy year. Having already played with Pete Doherty and The Automatic, they’ve already completed a UK tour in support of the new release and plan a German tour for June.

IDEALS have six singles slated for this year, the first release 'Significant Other' released in early 2011 ( video was praised by Music Week, Artrocker and played on Steve Lamacq's six music show. Their forthcoming single 'Reflections' will only see their star shoot further into orbit!

"('Significant Other') is a great track....Musically it’s big, dark and melodramatic with a rich, polished production. Imagine the National fronted by The Editors Tom Smith and you’d be pretty close." Artrocker

Andrew Major – Vocals / Guitars
Simon Wilson – Bass
Ben Ward – Drums
Johnny Healey – Guitar