Wednesday, 9 November 2011

CASE STUDY: We're No Heroes

Cardiff disco-math-pop act We’re No Heroes released their new EP ‘Quiet Colours’ in the summer of 2011 with a Launch in Cardiff.

We handled the PR campaign for the EP on a non existant budget and achieved some great results. It was picked up by 6 music, BBC Radio Wales, The White Room Project and Topshop radio who today have playlisted lead track ‘Empty Beat’

Tom Robinson played: We're No Heroes - Atlantic Hearts
Bethan Elfyn played: We're No Heroes — Empty Beat.

June 15th sees the release of WNH’s second EP Quiet Colours, the title of which is said to reflect the personalities within the group; meek in everyday life, but a powerful force onstage (much like Clark Kent: perhaps they are heroes after all.) The band whittled the four song set down from eight potentials, determined to construct a strong, coherent record which retains the individuality of each of its component parts

The Quiet Colours EP manages to transmit the excitement of their always hugely energetic live shows to the recording studio.

It’s by far and away the best thing the fledgling group have released thus far and hints at greater landmarks yet to be attained.

Read More seems with the emergence of every new band with something just slightly different to their sound yet another sub-genre is created and labelled and then quickly filled by more bands in the same ilk. Math pop is one of the newer examples and Welsh band We’re No Heroes a fine example and exponent of a style that is when simplified a lighter more accessible form of math rock.

We're No Heroes actively embrace the math pop tag and there is more than an obvious nod to the likes of Foals and the mathier parts of Two Door Cinema Club. Since starting out the band has progressed far, moving to the bright lights of Cardiff and establishing themselves within the local scene, aswell as releasing their debut EP 'Crossing Over' for free on February 14th 2010 which has since been downloaded well over 1000 times.

We’re No Heroes entered Ripefruit Recording Studio’s with producers Jordan Andrews in early 2011 to work on their follow up release, resulting in a new four track EP titled 'Quiet Colours' due to hit on on the 15th June it’s seemingly only a matter of time before the hype machine goes nationwide.

For Fans Of: Foals, This Town Needs Guns, New Young Pony Club, and Minus The Bear.

math-pop from the Cardiff trio, the clean guitars and danceable rhythms calling to mind Foals’ first record

These boys are on the brink of something big. Get involved now and I guarantee they’ll be your new musical heroes before long.

Rather than throw another bog-standard interview their way, we thought we would speak to the band and, in an attempt to find out a little more about their influences, ask them to tell us about their five musical heroes. See what we did there?

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