Monday, 21 January 2019

2019, and update on the last year.

Thanks for reading my new post, my name is Bill Cummings and I am looking for more new clients for the next year so I thought I'd update you on my work and see if you are interested in what PR services I have to offer.

Over the past twelve months I have worked on an album campaign for John MOuse which delivered a strong range of album reviews, a single campaign for The Mu-Tones in Manchester which developed their presence online and in their region. I have also worked closely with Horizons and Bethan Elfyn at the BBC to promote their Horizons project, which focusses on emerging Welsh artists, I wrote press releases and gained coverage for the artists in Welsh media, blogs and beyond. I finished the year off with three cool campaigns, Ani Glass released another single. Perfect Body and Zac White are two emerging noise-pop acts from Cardiff releasing on the Bubblewrap I gained them strong local coverage as well as mentions in Drowned in Sound and airplay on BBC Wales. R.Seiliog is a fantastic artist from North Wales who produces quite the most beguiling electronic music, Turnstile Music(home of Gruff Rhys, Martha Ffion, Gwenno amongst others)approached me to work on a campaign for his astounding album 'Megadoze' it went really well with positive coverage across the board he became featured artist on 6 music thanks to Gideon Coe and had airplay on afternoon, as well as reviews in Louder than War, Electronic Sound, Q magazine, and Mojo. Finally, I worked with Al Moses and upcoming band from Cardiff who were part of the Forte project gaining them some good column inches with Its all indie and Gigslutz amongst other features.

I have also carried out quick pieces of work for Junior Bill and Kayla Painter. I have some good campaigns coming up this year but I am always keen to hear what you are working with or what artists you have on your labels, so get in touch below. I am reliable, hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about music.

Over ten years I've worked with the likes of The Orielles, Adwaith, Quiet Marauder, R.Seiliog, Castles, Ani Glass, Coasts, The Migrant, Little Eris, Conformist, The Keys, Ten City Nation, HMS Morris and many more, including on festival campaigns featuring worldwide names. In the past six months I have run an album campaign for John MOuse plus introducing a campaign for Hoult and Niterooms and on an EP for Ysgol Sul. I have gained column inches in Guardian, Uncut Magazine, DIY Magzine, Pitchfork, Crack In The Road, Drowned in Sound, TLOBF, Clash Magazine, LTW, Buzz Magazine, South Wales Echo plus a myriad of blogs, playlists, and taste-makers. I have gained airplay with Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Huw Stevens, Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn amongst others.

As a journalist for twenty years(editing and writing for various online and print publications(Gair rhydd, Sound Nation, Buzz, Kruger magazine) and broadcasting with Radio Cardiff, Central Cardiff and now Radio Glamorgan. I have an appreciation of how the media works and a huge passion for local music, emerging UK artists and Welsh artists who I believe deserve a greater platform within the UK.An appreciation of promotion techniques that take in traditional music media of digital, radio and print distribution plus newer techniques that include utilising the benefits of social media and streaming platforms to create a buzz around a new artist or release. I can create impactful one-page press releases and I have personal and long-standing connections with journalists, media, and taste-makers both local and national so that I can get your music to the ears of the people that matter.

Working closely with the artist, management and label to find out what works for them, I offer a range of packages including album, single, and a new introducing deal. For three months of digital and print press PR, and some key radio targets, I also often work in conjunction Aled at Beast PR who offer radio plugging both in Wales and the UK wide. After this three month period we can review the campaign and then discuss whether you require longer and more in-depth help with promoting releases moving forward.

If you are interested in seeing my rate card get in touch! I look forward to hearing any music you are working on or releasing! Thanks Bill Cummings